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Yoga Saché: Innovating Packaging for Quality, Convenience, and Sustainability

Yoga Saché, a Control Print brand and a trusted leader in the field of state-of-the-art packaging machinery for single-dose sachets in India. Our cutting-edge machinery empowers manufacturers to produce flexible and user-friendly sachets, thanks to our innovative snap-then-squeeze technology. With a simple three-finger action, users can effortlessly open and dispense the contents from these convenient single-use sachets.

Specializing in flexible sachet packaging machinery, Yoga Saché is committed to providing the utmost convenience for both manufacturers and consumers. Our sachets are manufactured using our patented technology, ensuring anti-counterfeit benefits and safeguarding the integrity of the packaged products.

But that’s not all. Our patented technology also enables the packing of two different products side by side within a single sachet, offering versatility and efficiency to manufacturers.

At Yoga Saché, we understand the importance of sustainable packaging solutions. That’s why our packaging machinery ensures high-barrier performance for single-dose sachets, meeting a wide range of requirements. By delivering outstanding performance and enhanced protection, we contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to packaging.

Experience the innovation and reliability of Yoga Saché’s packaging machinery. Simplify your packaging process and join us in our commitment to quality, convenience, and sustainability.

Transforming single-portion sachet manufacturing through global partnerships

Our Mission

Revolutionizing single-portion sachet manufacturing with eco-friendly solutions and global excellence in packaging.

Our Vision

Leading the industry in innovative, eco-friendly packaging machinery, setting new standards for simplicity, sustainability, and global collaboration

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About Control Print

Control Print is India’s premier manufacturer of permanent coding and tamper-proof marking systems, proudly serving the nation since 1991, making it India’s own coding and marking equipment manufacturer.

To provide convenient and sustainable packaging options, Control Print has partnered with V-Shapes S.r.l., a leading supplier of sustainable single-dose sachets and packaging machinery. This collaboration leverages Control Print’s expertise in coding and marking technology and V-Shapes’ innovative machinery with snap-then-squeeze technology.