Yoga Saché for the Food/ FMCG Industry

Innovative Yoga Saché for Food/ FMCG Industry

Yoga Saché is the right choice for all those who seek a hygienic, innovative, and exclusive packaging solution in the food and beverage sector for packing various Sauces, Bread spreads, Squash, Honey , Edible Oils, Pure Ghee, Skimmed Milk, Liquid Coffee, Tea Concentrate, Extract of Spices etc.

Regardless of the type of food to be packaged, the single-portion sachets with their just enough quantity for single use with no air inside will optimize storage space and ensure a longer shelf-life of the products contained.

Yoga sachet packets are fully customizable so as to attract new customers, increase brand loyalty, and improve the users’ perceptions, besides the main benefit of the smart opening.

Key Features

Various Sizes

This technology allows us to pack dosages from 1ml to 30 ml in various sizes of Sachets starting from 40mmx40mm to 100mmx10mm.

Easy to Use

Easy dispensing i.e. by just folding the sachets has made intake of dose hassle free i.e. not tearing or cutting of the sachet is required.

Prevent Wastage and Spillage

Compared to the traditional single-portion packets for food and beverage available on the market until now, Yoga Saché users will be able to extract over 99% of the product, preventing waste and spillage of the contents into the environment.

Yoga Saché packaging guarantees better resistance to contamination by external agents as the technology provides security to the brand with world-wide patents, which ensures complete security from counterfeiting. 

Patented Ssystem

Thanks to the patented system, you will no longer need to use a knife or scissors to open single portion packaging. Simply snap and fold the packet in half with 3 fingers to release the contents. When compared to the single portion packaging for food and beverages that have been on the market till now, users of Yoga Saché will have the ability to extract more than 99% of the product. This will help to avoid waste and leakage of the contents to the environment.

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