Yoga Saché for the Pharma Industry

Mouth Wash in Yoga Sache

Yoga Saché's Patented Technology for Single-Dose Precision and Convenience

By using Yoga Saché’s patented technology, manufacturers can transform the way Single Use-Unit Dose medications are made, guaranteeing accuracy and customer convenience. This innovative technology allows for the seamless integration of pharmaceutical formulations into single sachets, ensuring accurate dosage and potency. The ease of use and portability are the best features, making it an ideal solution for consumers who are not in a position to swallow dosages in the form of capsules, tablets, or even powders.

The patented technology streamlines the manufacturing process for packing dosages in the form of liquid, gel, jelly, or paste, ensuring that each sachet contains the precise amount of medicine, maintaining efficacy, and reducing the risk of dosage errors. The compact and portable nature of the single-dose sachets aligns perfectly with the fast-paced lifestyles of modern consumers, offering them a convenient and reliable way to carry and consume their medications with ease, whether at work, during travel, or in any daily activity. This advancement in drug delivery technology not only enhances the user’s experience but also promotes medication adherence and overall well-being.

Key Features

Various Sizes

This technology allows us to pack dosages from 1ml to 30 ml in various sizes of Sachets starting from 40mmx40mm to 100mmx10mm.

Easy to Use

Easy dispensing i.e. by just folding the sachets has made intake of dose hassle free i.e. not tearing or cutting of the sachet is required.

Diverse Applications

Dual Product Yoga Saché

This technology has revolutionised the packaging by introducing the “dual product yoga sache” where two different products can be packed separately in a single sachet, with the dispensing of both products together by just folding the sachet. This is extremely useful for pharmaceuticals dosages where an instant mixture of two products is needed to increase the effectiveness of the medicine.

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